IDEOLOGICAL AGGRESSION AGAINST THE SANDINISTA REVOLUTION: THE POLITICAL OPPOSITION CHURCH IN NICARAGUA.; Updated for the English Edition. Interview with Pablo Richard: reflections from Managua by a theologion of liberation. Update from Nicaragua: a chronology of Church-State Relations. Preface by David J. Kalke.

New York: New York CIRCUS Publications, Inc., 1984. 1st ed. Paperback. 8vo, wrps, 233 p., Used; Like New. Item #153042

Translation of: Agresión ideológica contra la Revolución Sandinista, by Elice Higginbotham and Bayard Faithfull. Edited by Linda Unger and David J. Kalke. Book carefully documents the consistent strategies of counterrevolution carried out in the religious arena, both inside and outside Nicaragua. It clearly demonstrates that it is distortion to speak of "civil war" in Nicaragua. Specific discusses the Nicaraguan hiearchy, the maniuplation of the religious by the newspaper La Prensa and the Institute on Religion and Democracy, John Pauls II in Nicaragua, the characteristics of U.S. aggression, a chronology of the Catholic Church in Nicaragua from December 1983 to July 1984 and appendixes of documents and John Paul II's discourses.

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