Santiago de Chile: Ediciones Universidad Católica de CHile, 2018. First edition. Hardcover. 351p., photos, illus., bibl., boards. New. Item #189610
ISBN: 9789565623244

This book that gathers the activity of Taller 99 starting from its creation in 1956, a major project of Nemesio Antúnez, who aimed to share the techniques he acquired in France in order to train artists and expand engraving techniques. With the passage of time, the teachings of the workshop expanded to cover extensive engraving techniques and promoted various art experiments. As Antúnez had created his workshop with an integrative perspective, Taller 99 embraced varied styles and production techniques which still maintain a connection with engraving. In this way, a versatile artistic scene could be configured. On the other hand, through teaching at the School of Art of the Catholic University, the workshop influenced the formation of generations of students in the area of engraving, developed new methodological strategies for the transmission of knowledge in the area, and contributed immensly to the profile of this new school. Likewise, the influence of Taller 99 was decisive in the recognition of engraving as a specialty option in conjunction with painting and sculpture, and installed Chilean engraving on the international stage opened by biennial engraving. In the context of the 60th anniversary of Taller 99, the authors address the task of reconstructing their history from the testimonies of many of their founders, artists who have passed through it and current members, aware of the urgency of rescuing a past that could be forgotten and that is part of the memory of Chilean art.

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