Bogotá: Universidad El Bosque (Colección Bios y Oikos; Vol.26), 2021. First edition. Paperback. 117p., bibl., indices, wrps. New. Item #191697
ISBN: 9789587392425

After some decades of rigorous research and deliberation, bioethics in Latin America – Our America, as José Martí called it – is thinking with his own head and voice. This theoretical research attempts to explore the first steps for a propaedeutic foundation of Latin American bioethics, which are plural and diverse. To begin, the author proposes a panoramic approach to certain consensuses on the history of bioethics in Our America, its conformation as a field and its inaugural problems and influences. He then outlines the first steps for a propaedeutic foundation, accentuating the meaning he gives to thinking “from” Our America, the importance of maintaining the experience of “margins” and “borders”, and the need of a reflective distance with Eurocentrism. Finally,

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