Madrid: Alfaguara (Colección, II), 2001. 11th ed. Paperback. 251p., illus., indices, wrps. New. Item #191743

Ilustrado por Carlos Puerta
On the verge of joining his old third in Flanders, Diego Alatriste finds himself involved, through the mediation of his friend Don Francisco de Quevedo, in another dangerous adventure. A woman has been found strangled in a sedan chair in front of the church of San Ginés, with a bag of money and a handwritten note: For masses for her soul. The enigma is complicated by the mysterious events that take place behind the walls of a convent, when Alatriste is hired to rescue a young novice from there. In the eventful and fascinating Madrid of Felipe IV, between sets, taverns, gambling dens, intrigues and thrusts, the adventure will put the lives of the captain's friends at stake, bringing up from the past the ghosts of old enemies: the perfidious royal secretary Luis de Alquezar,

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