Bogotá: Universidad de La Salle, Ediciones Unisalle, 2021. First edition. Paperback. 345p., maps, photos, illus., tables, bibl., wrps. New. Item #192887
ISBN: 9786287510159

The significant value of contemporary architecture indicates temporal imprecision and a certain eventuality. The veracity of architecture has been transformed into an exhibition space; This is no longer judged by the actual fulfillment of his promises but by the correspondence between his fantasies and those of the spectator. The visual paradox is established as a space of relationships and conflicts where one and the other make up the architectural complexity of our time, since it is strategically located in the meeting place between opposing and distinctive categories, a positive and negative conceptual meaning that constitutes the two polarities of the same analytical movement: everything is hidden, but with the certainty that everything can be investigated. These questions occur within today's society, in such a way that the field of the visible and the gaze, art and language is involved. It represents the form of appearance, nuance, deception and desire: the new aesthetics in contemporary architecture are spreading everywhere, as a vehicle for progressive desensitization in the face of an excess of beauty.

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