Guatemala: ADESCA, 2016. First edition. Paperback. 101p., maps, photos, tables., graphics, bibl., wrps. New. Item #193046

The Contribution for Cultural Decentralization-ADESCA-is a decentralized public institution of the State, created by Decree number 95-96 of the Congress of the Republic "Law of Creation of the Contribution for Cultural Decentralization" in response to the need to complement the cultural policy of the State, to facilitate citizen participation in the processes of creation, dissemination, conservation and rescue of the artistic and cultural heritage of Guatemala. ADESCA aims to finance: (a) Activities to support artistic and cultural creation and dissemination; (b) Projects that promote the rescue, dissemination and promotion of popular cultures and the development of their cultists and bearers; (c) Activities for the conservation and dissemination of cultural heritage. ADESCA, in accordance with the guidelines of the State's cultural policy, is aware that the right to culture - enshrined in the Political Constitution of the Republic and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights - must be made in force in the country for the construction of peace and the development of new generations. In more than eighteen years of operation, ADESCA has strengthened community participation, promoting the cultural leadership of the Guatemalan population. During this time, the rescue, strengthening and cultural dissemination of the different peoples that live in the country has been facilitated and has become one of the instances that hears and supports the cultural concerns of Guatemalans without distinction.

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