2 DIEZ 1806.2016. CARPETA JUÁREZ .

Oaxaca: Colectivo Dos Diez, 2016. 10p., 38 x 28cm. Item #194251

“2 Diez 1806.2016. Carpeta Juárez” is a collection of 10 38cm x 28cm
engravings from renowned Oaxacan artists (part of Colectivo Dos Diez) who aim to present an exhibition/portfolio in honor of former Mexican president Benito Juarez, commemorating 210 years since his birth. The works were created in 2006, after a call issued by the Oaxaca State Commission Organizing the Bicentennial Celebrations of the Birth of Benito Juárez. As a Zapotec member, Juarez was the first indigenous president of Mexico and the first indigenous head of state in the postcolonial Americas.

Price: $1,800.00

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