Mexico: 2013. 12p., 38 x 28 cm. Item #194252

“La exégesis del rostro” is a portfolio of 12 engravings by artists Carlos Bautista and Irving Herrera (with six pieces by each), printed on 250 gr cotton paper. Each image measures 38x28 cm and was made in 2013. This work explores both the newness of creation as well as tradition, portraying deeply emotional, enraptured faces that do not look at the viewer but rather glimpse something outside the paper. These works are interpretations of the symbolic man, a man who yet believes in religions, myths, and rituals in these modern times. The creators and their creations are standing on the edge between what the world demands to be part of it, and their ideology and their beliefs, taking care not to transgress them. This copy is part of a limited run of 10.

Price: $2,000.00