Ciudad de Mexico: Juan Pablos Editor, 2023. First edition. Paperback. 215p., indices, wrps. New. Item #194324
ISBN: 9786077116882

"Siqueiros Por Híjar" by Híjar there is a text entitled "Siqueiriano". In it, Alberto Híjar Serrano points out more than one aspect of his relationship with the muralist. Actors, situations and contexts follow one another and offer a wide aesthetic and artistic itinerary. But its value does not stop there but in what it adds: the existence of a theoretical genealogy with a broad presence in the history of art, art criticism, criticism of criticism and historiographic criticism. Named —Alberto Híjar— by David Alfaro Siqueiros in his will as theoretical executor, the founder of the Art and Ideology Workshop is now recognized not only as the painter's best intellectual collaborator, but as a Marxist founder of groups and a vast presence. in the history of Mexico. It is due to him, and his constant work, the understanding and praxis of a set of brands in force today: those of exactly Siqueirian sign, the Siqueirist ones and those typical of the Siqueirisms of which he has been a sower and activist.

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